Podcast: Your Backstage Pass to Theatre Education

Get Ready to Raise the Curtain on Your Commute!

The footlights are on, the audience is hushed, and the stage is set for something truly magical. Prepare to be entranced by The Scene Podcast—the only podcast where your passion for theatre gets a standing ovation. With each 15-20 minute episode, you’re not just a listener; you’re a part of the ensemble cast of theatre educators who are as obsessed with the stage as you are.

Your Host: Justin Borak

Who better guide you through this theatrical journey than the one and only Justin Borak—playwright, TikTok sensation, and self-described “obsessed with theatre” aficionado? Justin’s charm and wit are sure to spark your curiosity, light up your imagination, and—most importantly—warm that theatre-loving heart of yours.

What’s On?

Each episode of THE SCENE Podcast promises to be a Tony-worthy performance in itself, serving up a smorgasbord of enriching content tailor-made for theatre educators like you.

Show You Should Know: Discover the latest plays and musicals that are bound to have your students buzzing.

Theatre History: Take a stroll down the storied halls of the theatrical past and find inspiration for your next production.

World Class Interviews: Hear from Playwrights, Directors, and the leading experts in the field of Theatre Educators, all intended to energize your teaching and bring the world of theatre to life for your students.

Timing is Everything

Just as a well-timed comedic pause can make a scene, the timing of THE SCENE Podcast is simply impeccable. New Episodes drop every Monday morning, making The Scene Podcast the perfect addition to your daily commute or that tiny sliver of “me time” you get in your packed schedule.

The Perfect Companion to Our Long-Form Weekly Newsletter

Love to read? Our podcast pairs perfectly with The Scene’s long-form weekly newsletter, creating a dynamic duo as iconic as Rodgers and Hammerstein or Lennon and McCartney. Together, they offer a comprehensive and engaging theatre education experience that you can’t miss.

So, what are you waiting for? Give your daily routine a dramatic twist and tune in to THE SCENE Podcast. Your earbuds will thank you, and your students will too!

Join the standing ovation. Become a part of THE SCENE today!