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Theater is an incredible art form that has the power to enrich students’ lives in countless ways. It fosters creativity, enhances communication skills, and promotes teamwork. Moreover, it opens doors to history, literature, and various other subjects. However, maintaining theater programs can be challenging, especially in areas where the arts are not given priority.

If you’re a theater teacher in a school where the arts aren’t prioritized, we have some friendly and helpful tips to help you recruit and retain students for your program:

  1. Start early: To spark interest and excitement for theater, expose students to it from a young age. Consider offering theater classes to local elementary and/or middle school students. This not only lays a strong foundation for theater engagement in high school but also presents a fantastic fundraising opportunity.
  2. Make it fun: Theater should be a fun and enjoyable experience for students. Engage them with classes that are both stimulating and entertaining. When students have fun, they’re more likely to stay committed.
  3. Get the word out: Spread the word about your theater program far and wide. Discuss it with your students in class, send home flyers, and share information on social media. Reach out to middle school drama programs, local dance studios, and arts programs, inviting students to attend. The more students know about your program, the greater their interest will be.
  4. Partner with other teachers: Collaboration is key in theater. Partner with English teachers for plays based on classic literature or history teachers for productions involving historical events. While not all colleagues may get involved, those who do will be more invested in the success of the production and the program. They will also help spread the word.
  5. Get involved in the community: Theater provides an excellent opportunity to engage with the local community. Collaborate with local organizations and participate in community events. Reach out to arts organizations, senior communities, and even local government officials. By inviting the mayor or local congressman to attend your show, you’ll raise awareness of your program, attract local media, and program support. Also, you can guarantee that this will be one production your school administration will definitely attend.
  6. Celebrate successes: It’s crucial to celebrate the achievements of your students. Recognizing their accomplishments builds confidence and encourages continued participation in theater.

Recruiting and retaining students for a high school theater program can be challenging, but it’s absolutely possible. By following these friendly tips, you can ensure the success of your program.

Additional Tips for Recruiting and Retaining Students in High School Theater Programs, Even in Areas Where the Arts Are Not Prioritized:

  1. Be creative: Think outside the box when it comes to marketing and outreach. Partner with local businesses to offer discounts or prizes to students involved in your program. Consider creating a video trailer or social media campaign to generate excitement.
  2. Be persistent: Building a successful theater program takes time. Don’t give up if you don’t see immediate results. Keep reaching out to students, emphasizing the amazing opportunities your program provides.
  3. Be positive: Let your passion for theater shine through. Maintain a positive attitude about your program, as students can sense your enthusiasm. Your positivity will help them get excited and more likely to participate.

By embracing these friendly and helpful strategies, you can recruit and retain students for your high school theater program, even in areas where the arts aren’t given priority.

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